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Reusable Dolce Gusto Capsule Silicone Cover

Reusable Dolce Gusto Capsule Silicone Cover

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Take Your Coffee To The Next Level

This product makes your Dolce Gusto-compatible machine into a coffee brewer. Gone are the days of needing two coffee machines to make different types of coffee. The slow brewer and the fast but limited Dolce Gusto machines can now be combined into a fast coffee brewer with our stainless steel pods.

Removes The Restrictions Of Normal Dolce Gusto Capsules: Have unlimited flavor options with our reusable pods. Normal Dolce Gusto pods are limited since they only have a select set of flavors, but with our stainless steel pods, you can use any medium/strong fine-ground coffee and make yourself a delicious cup in less than a minute.

Suitable For Most Dolce Gusto-compatible Machines: Our stainless steel pods are suitable for almost all Dolce Gusto machines. If you want to make sure our pods work with your Dolce Gusto coffee machine, take a normal Dolce Gusto pod, make a cup of coffee, take out the pod, and look at where the needle entered. If it is towards the 6 o'clock position, our pods will work without a problem.

Save Time, Money, And The Environment: Refillable pods are the most efficient way to make your coffee. It takes a shorter time than a normal brewer, and it's much cheaper than regular Dolce Gusto pods. Keep the environment happy by minimizing your waste since you just replaced all the regular Dolce Gusto pods you throw away every year. Our reusable pods are made of stainless steel and have a silicone lid. 

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